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Evolution of the Steering Committee Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference have been amended a number of times as the organization has grown and changed:

  • December 2014: Refresh reflects changes to the voting status of the Associate Member category, adds the responsibilities of the Vice-Chair, and clarifies the purpose of the All Partner meeting.
  • July 2012: Minor changes in the Procedures section regarding the members' start-of-term dates.
  • 2009-10: Terms of Reference review process results in several changes to representation on the Steering Committee, new terms of office, and the introduction of the Chair/Vice-Chair system.
  • 2008: Institutional status changes. University Colleges and Institutes with 4 Year Programs becomes Regional Universities and Institutes with 4 Year Programs.
  • 2004: Changes reflecting the 2004 BC ELN transition to Simon Fraser University Library. Open Learning Agency (OLA) Officer replaced with SFU Officer, Chair moves from OLA Officer to elected Chair. See Principles of Transition: AVED, BC ELN, SFU (on file at the BC ELN office), and the May 31, 2004 BC ELN Steering Committee Minutes.
  • January 1998: Recommendations of the Task Group to Review ELN Advisory Committee Role and Membership.