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Associate Member Application Form

Before embarking on the formal assessment phase, BC ELN would like information about your library and your institution. 

Please complete ALL sections. We will contact you once your information has been reviewed. 

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Personal Information

Explain your role and position in the library and within the institution.

The Institution

Your Library

Make sure to include details such as size, number of computers, types of services.

Technical Requirements for Participation

All BC ELN member libraries must meet technical requirements for participation. Please review the technical requirements.

Please include the URL for your library catalogue.
Please also provide the URL for your database page.

Access to the Library Resources

Authenticating or validating your students is an important part of our licensing program and a requirement for membership. It is also a requirement that BC ELN partners provide off site access for students that is authenticated beyond a single institutional username/password. Note that BC ELN does not manage authentication for its members. That is done by the library itself.

Make sure to cover all areas - in person and/or chat reference, instruction, interlibrary loan, repository, etc.

Membership Expectations and Costs

A membership fee and Common Suite costs are required annual fees for Associate Members.

The Common Suite is a set of resources that is licensed by all members of BC ELN. Pricing is negotiated based on BC ELN tiers and varies depending on where an institution falls in that structure. More about the BC ELN Common Suite is available at

You can find more information about the Associate Member fee schedule at

It is important to understand that all BC ELN members must embrace the vision, mission, core values, and principles of BC ELN as presented in the BC ELN Strategic Plan. The strategic plan can be found at

Outside licensing, Associate Members may join any BC ELN service (Arca, AskAway, Illume, WriteAway) if the Associate Member meets all requirements listed for the respective service. Associate Members can choose to be members only and not participate in any of BC ELN’s optional services. However, membership is a requirement to participate in any of BC ELN’s services.

Please note that BC ELN services each have their own service costs and criteria for participation. Shared services like AskAway and WriteAway also require staffing from participating institutions.