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Strategic Plan

2021-2022 Strategic Planning

From December 2021 to February 2022 BC ELN held a series of four meetings bringing stakeholders together to discuss strategic plans for the consortium.

Stephanie Ahles and Jamie Eustace from HueLife provided a structured, participatory process for BC ELN participants - which included partner library directors and staff, steering committee members, and BC ELN staff.

Documented outcomes of each day are available below:

From here, BC ELN will continue to build on the strategic directions that emerged from the final session. The Steering Committee, with support from the BC ELN Office team, will expand on the important work completed at these meetings by refining the directions and identifying actions. Updates will be shared broadly in the coming months. (Updated: Feb 28, 2022)



BC ELN Partner Libraries exist in a dynamic environment. The BC ELN Strategic Plan 2016-2021 balances concrete goals with flexibility to meet the needs of Partner Libraries now and in the coming years.

 Approved by all partners and endorsed by the Steering Committee, the Strategic Plan is used to


BC ELN's Strategic Plan has the following flow:

  • Strategic Directions: Guide BC ELN's work in the coming five years
    • Strategies: Stable and constant to ensure BC ELN realizes its vision
      • Priorities: May change over time in response to Partner Library needs
        • Actions (to be developed): Support priorities and will be determined by individual services

The first page of the Strategic Plan provides a broad overview of what BC ELN is, what BC ELN does, and what BC ELN believes. This page can stand alone or provide context for the following four pages.

Past Strategic Plans

For earlier years, please contact the office.