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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is charged with determining the overall strategic direction of BC ELN, identifying specific strategic initiatives, and monitoring and evaluating the progress of BC ELN.

Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee members represent a constituency of Partner Libraries and are elected for a one-year term, with an optional second year, commencing October 1. For more information on membership representation see the Terms of Reference and governance categories.


Director, Academic Innovation
Term ends: September 2019

Associate Members Representative

Director of Library Services
First Term ends: September 2019

Regional Universities & Institutes with 4 Year Programs Representative

University Librarian
First Term ends: September 2019

Rural Colleges Representative

Regional Librarian
Second Term ends: September 2019

Simon Fraser University Officer

Associated University Librarian, Administrative Services

Simon Fraser University Representative

University Librarian & Dean of Libraries

Small Universities Representative

University Librarian
First Term ends: September 2019

University of British Columbia Representative

University of Victoria Representative

Urban Colleges Representative

Director, Learning Resources & Records Management
First Term ends: September 2019


Senior Policy and Business Performance Analyst