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BC ELN is a partnership between the post-secondary libraries of British Columbia and the Ministry of Advanced Education. BC ELN operates with core funding from the Province of British Columbia, with additional project funding and staff time contributed by partner libraries.

The BC ELN Steering Committee is accountable to partner libraries for the services and operations of the BC ELN partnership and to the Ministry of Advanced Education for cost-effective use of BC ELN core funding. BC ELN makes responsible use of taxpayer dollars by adhering to the Ministry's Taxpayer Accountability Principles.

Dollar signCost Consciousness

BC ELN exemplifies cost consciousness. For over 25 years, BC ELN has helped the post-secondary sector use resources more efficiently through consortial licensing and centralized service administration.


BC ELN is accountable to the government and partner libraries. Governance committees set consortial priorities. Progress and financial reporting are continual and transparent.

Floating money above a hand held palm upAppropriate Compensation

BC ELN staff are awarded appropriate compensation in adherence with host institution, Simon Fraser University, salary scales.

Floating cog between two handsService

BC ELN is truly at the service of British Columbians. The consortium works to meet the information needs of the province’s learners, educators, and researchers at the lowest possible cost.

Shaking handsRespect

BC ELN is built on respect. Partner libraries work as a collegial community. Decisions are made collaboratively for the betterment of all, and communication is open.


BC ELN operates with integrity. Long-term, trust-based relationships have been developed through honest communication and ethical practices.