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Provincial Digital Library Initiative


On April 2014, the BC Government announced the creation of a Provincial Digital Library (PDL).  A PDL could be conceptualized as a phased, multi-year project, guided by an over-arching vision of access to the intellectual, historical and cultural record of the Province for the people of British Columbia. A PDL will provide access to a range of materials that may enrich the intellectual and leisure life of a citizen, showcase the contributions of individuals, organizations and government, and contribute to the economic well- being of the province.

Since the announcement, BC ELN has been collaborating with multi-sector libraries, museums, and archives to envision and build a provincial digital library.

BC ELN Provincial Digital Library (PDL) Resource Group

The BC ELN PDL Resource Group explores how the post-secondary sector can contribute to the vision of a provincial digital library. The group reports to the BC ELN Steering Committee. Members represent a diversity of post-secondary institutions from across the province.



Meeting Minutes

Activities to Date

The first phase of the PDL was accomplished with the launch of Arca, BC's post-secondary collaborative digital repository. In addition,  an environmental scan was undertaken by the BC Libraries Cooperative to determine what digitization initiatives are currently in place in the Province, a November 4th discussion forum was held and a May 10th Symposium engaged the community in discussion. 

Activities to date include:

Visit the Provincial Digital Library website to learn more.